Keepsake Jewellery Info

Keepsake Jewellery Info

Keepsake jewellery is beautiful and unique. We use 99.9% fine silver clay to capture finger, hand, foot and paw prints to treasure. Your keepsake will be 100% handmade and hand polished.

In order for us to create your special jewellery you will need to make a few decisions and place an order online (just contact me if you need any help):-


  1. Fingerprint
  2. Handprint
  3. Footprint
  4. Pawprint

      Number of prints

How many prints would you like?  For example, if you have 2 children, you will likely wish for 2 fingerprints (fingerprint option) or either 2 handprints or 2 footrpints or 1 handprint and 1 footprint (hand and or foot print option).  The same applies to the number of pet prints you may like. 

      How many charms?

Depending on the size of the charm you choose, you may wish to have two prints on a larger charm, or have each print on two smaller charms – the same size or cascading sizes? (for example a cascading style necklace – where the eldest child’s fingerprint is captured on a larger charm, and the younger child’s on smaller one, or perhaps your own a larger charm, and your child’s on a smaller one).  If you are ordering cufflinks, you would have one print on each cufflink.

     Shape of charm/cufflink

You will have a choice of: Circle, Heart, Rectangle or Square – but the good news is – you don’t need to decide until you have ordered and paid for the basic details – size and number of charms.

     Shape of charm/cufflink

Next you can choose a sterling silver chain or bracelet and add this to your shopping cart.

I will send you an order form to confirm details of your jewellery order along with the next things you’ll need to complete your order…

…A Fingerprint Impression Kit or Hand/Foot/Paw Kit

We have opted to separate the costs of the kits required to make the jewellery from the jewellery item itself – this means that if   you ever decide to have more jewellery made, you won’t need to purchase another kit as you will have kept the fingerprint impression moulds (we’ll send them back to you with the finished jewellery) or we’ll keep the stamps from the hand/foot/paw  prints on file.  This will mean a saving for you in the long run and that you won’t have to pay more than once for this as a hidden cost in the future :-).  Depending on the number of prints you would like, it might be you will require more than one kit.

In general, this can all be arranged by post.

                  You will find the kits available for purchase at £5.00 for 2 fingerprints or 2 hand/foot/paw prints.

Please Contact Us if you are looking for help with Memorial Keepsakes.

Order Forms

This will be another opportunity to check your choices and let me know the shape of charm/cufflink you would like.  The form will lay out all the options in a clear way :-).

It will also offer you the option of adding extra details – a name, kiss, message or details (date of birth for example) on the front or reverse of the charm (space permitting!) – these are all produced by hand. Sometimes, extra details may incur extra costs, but these will be indicated clearly on the Order Form. If you do opt for any payable extras – I will send a separate invoice.  We require all payments to be cleared before production can start. Thank you x

We know you will enjoy your unique piece of keepsake jewellery – which will be beautifully packaged, along with a ‘Care of your Jewellery’ information sheet and a small polishing cloth, which will be found at the bottom of your gift box.