Blog entry No.5 – beads, wire and earrings for all occasions!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to this week’s blog – the last for October 2016 and before the Winter/Christmas Newsletter comes out!  

Today, I thought we could talk a little about….earrings!  When I was a girl, I begged and pleaded with my Mum for permission to have my ears pierced.  Finally, when I turned age 13, my poor Mum finally relented and I became the extremely proud owner of pierced ears – little golden studs decorated my ears, both of which I cared for diligently to ensure I didn’t get an infection.

 I love earrings! They are probably my most favourite, and well-worn items of jewellery (other than my beloved Wedding and Engagament rings 🙂 ). I love all sorts of styles too – delicate and pretty, louder and funky, simple and classical, colourful and vibrant, studs, hoops and long and dangling – I love them all – they are great!

Making earrings, I have also discovered, is great fun and I’ve developed a great love of beads! My favourite part of making earrings is choosing colours and styles to compliment each other.  Last week, Tanja, my Sister-In-Law, who is Dutch, popped over with her friend who was visiting from The Netherlands, to take a look at a few ‘Butterfly Skies’ creations – Elvira mentioned that the current trend in The Netherlands is for very simple styles, but especially more neutral in colour – clear, white, black, brown.  So this week, I’m going to be concentrating on a few more neutral styles of earrings – ones which might compliment a number of outfits and occasions… 

You’ll notice in this photo that I’ve picked out some more neutral, simple, and classical beads for this week’s creations…I’m following the Dutch trends this week 🙂






Quite recently, I created some stud earrings using cabochon gems, patterned paper, and sterling silver posts and scrolls…

I’m looking forward to creating many more – using a far wider variety of patterns and colours.  Over the past week, I’ve sold pink, blue and green pairs…They are just a little bit different and unique.

One pair of earrings which always seem to go down well are the pearl bead and wire pairs – currently available in pale green, blue and ivory… I have an ivory pair (with the matching necklace)…:-)…

So earrings, the jewellery item so many of us love, which finish off all sorts of looks and styles.  We can buy them as a little gift for a loved one, friend, colleague or our child’s teacher or as a little treat for ourselves ;-).  Why not check out our range of earrings at Butterfly Skies…Oh and do keep an eye out for our earrings at upcoming Christmas Fayres and check out our new additions and designs regularly on our website!

Today’s word of encouragement comes from Erma Bombeck.  This quote always reminds me to give of my best, and not be afraid to use my gifts and talents…So everyone, don’t hide your light under a bushel…

Many thanks for reading.

Take care until next time,

Anna xx

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