Blog entry No.6 – Remembering

Hello Everyone, welcome to this week’s blog post from Butterfly Skies.  

We come to the end of a busy week, one which has seen new opportunities for us, linking with friends and other business owners – a big thank you to you all for support your, encouragement and comaraderie – it warms my heart.

Today is a poignant day to be writing our blog, as it is a day of rememberance. Armistice marks the event of an agreement having been signed by the opposing sides during World War I to stop fighting for a certain time, at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month.  This happened in 1918, and ever since, we use this date and time as a promise to remember those who gave and continue to give, their today, for our tomorrow.

Here is a photo of one of our Resin Pendants.  It has red poppies on it, and so seemed fitting to share with you today.  The crocheted poppy was made by a crochet group and I bought it from them to go toward their fundraising for The Poppy Appeal.

So today, we remember you all, with heartfelt gratitude...

Soon, we will be marking a very significant date and time – the birth of Jesus. At Christmastime we remember this by the sharing of gifts. Butterfly Skies has many unique and handmade gifts.

We’re looking forward to sharing more of our gift possibilities with you next week, but for now…

Thank you for reading. Until next time,

Anna xx

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