The Joy and Importance of Creating Keepsake Jewellery to Treasure

Hello Everyone!  I’m so sorry for the delay in getting this blog post to you.  It’s been a busy and also a sad time in our household, and so I wanted to catch up with you today.  I’ll share a little more shortly…

So Christmas time is nearly here – how are you getting on with your preparations?  Here at Butterfly Skies we’ve been busy with Christmas fairs – definitely getting into the Christmas Spirit at School and Pre-School Christmas fairs – meeting lovely people, donating prizes for raffles, watching Christmas Jumper Competitions, hearing all the lovely Christmas tunes and selling our wares for Christmas Gifts (and the odd gift to yourselves 😉 ) – all great fun!

Yesterday was a really lovely day because I was out taking hand and foot prints of 3 little ones – all of which are going to be created into beautiful fine silver charms for Mum’s this Christmas Time, and I have to say, there is nothing I love to do more <3. It is lovely to be contacted by the grandparent’s, husband’s, wive’s and sibling’s of unsuspecting loved ones who will be opening surprise Christmas (and one December birthday) gifts this year – and I know they will be delighted!

On a sadder note, we said goodbye to our beloved rabbit, Tia, on Monday.  It was a very sad day, but we know she isn’t in pain any more and so we feel glad for that.  We do miss her hopping around our home, and sometimes catch ourselves just going to do something which had become second nature…this morning it was taking a biscuit from the tin and looking for a tiny broken bit for Tia, and then, remembering she was no longer with us, and closing the lid. But the great memories we have will keep us strong, and the knowledge that we will see her again one day…

You may remember this photo of Tia, our Rabbit, from a previous post…

Rest in Peace Our dear Tia (2008-2016) xx

This got me to thinking of one aspect of our fine silver keepsake jewellery, which can bring much comfort – those that are created as a memorial of a loved one, including those family members of the furry variety.  It is amazing how much comfort this item of jewellery can bring when you lose a loved one. It is a sad and difficult topic to talk about, for sure, but I just wanted to share that this is an option ‘Butterfly Skies’ can offer anyone who might be looking for a memorial keepsake…please do get in touch if this might be you, or someone you might know. I would like to assure you of a kind and sensitive service under any circumstance.

So, I just wanted to remind you that our fine silver keepsake jewellery is something for all occasions – to celebrate, and to remember, and for sure, something to always treasure. We are still able to make pieces for Christmas so please do get in touch if you’d like a charm for a necklace, bracelet or a pair of cufflinks with your loved ones finger, hand, foot or paw prints…

This really is a most special gift for your loved one, or even as a gift to yourself x







So now, I’m off to make some jewellery…and later write some Christmas Cards whilst maybe sipping some mulled wine.

Wishing you all a great week everyone, and looking forward to hearing from you sometime.

Until next time,

Anna xx

PS: I forgot the ‘Quote of the Week’…Here it is…God Bless everyone x



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