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Hello Everyone!  How are you all doing?  We are back and I’m so sorry for the delay in bringing this latest blog to you…

So what has been going on since we last connected? Well, we have been working on some new products.  The first of which I’d like to introduce you to today, but first, I wanted to share how and why we get into this new product.

A while ago, I was regularly meeting with a very dear friend, before she moved back to where she grew up to be with her family (I miss you, Nicky).  They were good times. Whilst visiting one day, I spotted that my friend’s neighbour had some wooden pallets sitting against a skip in their front garden…and I got excited!  I had been looking at signs on Pinterest and had dreamed of making them, and there in front of me that day – were two beautiful wooden pallets.  So my friend prompted me to go and ask if they were free to take, and her neighbour said ‘alas, no’…at that point.  A day or two later,  my friend was in touch…the pallets were free to a good home, along with a few pieces of wood my friend was herself looking to rehome.  And so, one day soon after, they came home with me, in the back of my little micra!

I’ve always loved trees, and all things made from wood – I find them beautiful. I also love signs because signs can be help us – they can show us the way, direct us; they can inspire us – with a quote or beautiful design; and they can decorate and inspire a space in the home, office or garden.

So, upon receiving the gift of these pallets, the first step was to break down the pallets…a big thank you to my Dad, Ron, for helping me to do that:

Step two was to decide on colours and to get painting, and sanding for the base…

There are so many colours, styles and themes to choose from, here is just a taste:

The beauty of these signs is that they are made from reclaimed pallet wood, can be designed to suit many tastes and requirements, and can be bought as a gift to yourself or for another!  They cost from between £12.00 – £22.00 so we hope you will love the price too!

We are regularly adding to the design repertoire – and will be making signs for children’s bedrooms, for hanging items and with many more quotes very soon!  We can also design one especially for you – perhaps one with your house number, and or street name?  Those you plan to display outside can also be varnished, at very little extra cost.



There are so many possibilities….






Thank you for your continued support of Butterfly Skies, and reading along with us.

We have more to share with you soon, including another new product line…more resin pendants – we can’t wait to show you!

So please take care.

Until next time,

Anna xx

Our Quote for the week is a simple one, but so true:-







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