The Gift of Giving

Hello Everyone!  We hope our latest blog finds you all well.  Did you know that today is National Nurses Day?  It has made me think of them, in particular how much  good they do and how much they give of themselves every day.  So today, I’m going to focus on the gift of giving.



There is a verse in the bible, in the book of Acts, which is often quoted: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.  At first reading, it might seem odd, because it is always nice to receive a kindness too – a gesture or gift which makes us feel good.  But then, when you think about the wisdom of this verse, it makes a great deal of sense, there is great joy (more joy) in giving. 

Whilst doing a little research for this blog, I found a wonderful letter.  I don’t know who Geoff and Helaine are, but can you imagine their joy in receiving this hand-penned letter from Simon…

How lovely and thoughtful , and from one so young too 🙂 … I bet they treasure that hand-written note.

I was very lucky when I was a nurse, to have received beautiful cards and letters penned by patients and their families I had had the privilege to care for.  I still treasure them to this day, and every now and again, when I think of those people, I look at their letters and feel touched all over again. Thank you for your Thank yous, the pleasure and privilege was mine…

Every day presents an opportunity to give.  It maybe a kind word, a helping hand, a sacrifice of time or money, a small or large gift to say ‘Thank You’ or cheer someone up, or simply, well, because.

When considering a way to give, it can be through words, a card or a gift.  At Butterfly Skies, we have been working hard to create a wide range of gifts at a variety of prices, to suit a variety of pockets, occasions and receivers, starting from £3.50 for 4 gift-wrapped fridge magnets, a wooden hanging heart from £3.50-£4.00, a fairy jar from £5.00 to a pair of earrings for £5.50-£6.00, a custom made pair of cufflinks for £14.00 to a watercolour painting (commissioned pieces are £45.00) and piece of fine silver jewellery starting at £45.00 for a print kit and charm, for very special occasions and keepsakes…there are so many options, and we hope we can help you find the ideal and unique gift…


At the end of the day, whether we give a gift, or simply a kind word, it brings joy to see joy in another, and that is a great blessing in itself.

Next time, I am hoping to share some new jars we are working on…more to be revealed very soon!

Well, I think that’s about it from us this week.  We hope you all have a great weekend, and if you happen to be a nurse, whether you are working or having a break – Thank You! You do a very special and worthwhile job today and every day and we appreciate you very, very much…

Take Care.

Until next time,

Anna xx

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